Sunday, February 19, 2012

Top 10 Games I’m looking forward to in 2012

Top 10 Games I’m looking forward to in 2012

10.) Tales of Graces f

It’s hard not to get excited for a new Tales game when you’re a Tales fan. Even if you’re not, this is one game that I’ve been looking forward to most, not because I want to play it but because I want everyone else to play it. When I first got my hands on it in Korea, I was dying to play it’s amazing battle system. For those that were burned by dumbed down combat in RPGs, play this. I’d be glad to go through this game’s amazing fights again and again, and you should be excited to do the same (though it’ll be for the first time).

9.) The Last Guardian

Sometimes I go to bed wondering if this game will ever see the light of day. With Fumito Ueda’s recent departure from Sony, it’s hard not to think why. It was supposed to have come out last year in Japan but slowly it’s getting put in the back burner. Still, I’m hyped that this game might possibly come out this year. I’m a big sucker for atmosphere, emotion, and mood and I’m sure that this game will not disappoint. 

8.) Prototype 2

Boy, how time flies. It’s been years since I played the first Prototype and despite its flaws, it was extremely fun to play through. The visceral combat, the insane travel mechanics, and the crazy amount of mayhem only drew me in more. If this game is the exact same thing as Prototype but with a few minor changes, I’m fine with that. However, the fact that this game is shaping up to be something more and exciting has blood boiling. It’s time to cause some chaos.

7.) Xenoblade Chronicles

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Nearly a decade ago people were praising JRPGs for delivering stellar experiences but now it has nothing become a second rate game. The US finally gets a chance to play this gamechanger that critics have praised and I am excited. I don’t know much about Xenoblade, other than listening to its stellar soundtrack, and this has me even more eager to pop it into a Wii. I haven’t had a JRPG experience deliver on all fronts but with the amount of hype that’s built around Xenoblade, I’m sure I won’t be disappointed. 

6.) Resident Evil 6

I have no doubt that this game will be delayed and will probably end up coming out next year. Even so, by some chance that this doesn’t get delayed I want to put my greedy little fingers on the next installment of the Resident Evil franchise. What has me excited is that RE5 left the main antagonist dead, permanently. What has happened to the world since then? How is RE6’s shooting different from RE5? Is Jill in the game? I want all of these questions answered and that’s why this game is number 6 on my list, as it rightly deserves.

5.) Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm

I thought this game would end up being higher on my list because I’m Korean. Although Blizzard has already announced that only two games from them will be releasing in 2012 I want to believe that HotS will come out this year instead of Pandaria and Diablo 3. WoL was an amazing game and I love playing it as much as I love watching the Pro gamers go at it. The community for Starcraft II has be unprecedented and the movement for E-Sports has grown substantially. I’m sure that with the release of HotS we’ll see bigger things to come in both the community and in the franchise. Plus, I main Zerg and I want more units for them!

4.) Assassin’s Creed III

Brotherhood was good and Revelations was okay but I think everyone knows that it’s about time Ubisoft release a proper sequel to the Assassin’s Creed franchise. The company’s already announced that Assassin’s Creed III will be coming out in October but beyond that, not much is known. With each installment more questions pop up than answers necessary to understand the story and Revelations ending propelled the series into even more confusing territory. What are these civilizations? Who is Desmond? What is the meaning of the world that is coming to an end? So many questions that I can’t even list them all. However, beyond that how is III going to be different from Revelations in terms of gameplay. The series is stagnating and I’m feeling a bit of fatigue. Will III be the transition from I and II? I can hardly wait.

3.) The Witcher 2

So there’s this rumor going around that The Witcher 2 should’ve won best RPG last year and it’s coming out for the Xbox 360 early this year. I’m not sure if both are fact but I’m pretty sure the latter is. The Witcher 2 was overlooked by a lot of people and it was pirated a lot. I couldn’t even play it even if I wanted to because my computer can’t run it but now I have the opportunity to play it. I really want to hear what all the buzz is about and I love me some RPGs so it’s about high time I kick it and keel over for this game!

2.) Bioshock Infinite

So remember earlier how I said I’m a sucker for atmosphere. Well, you can probably assume that Bioshock Infinite was going to be somewhere on this list then. The first Bioshock was amazing and truly gripped me with its audio logs, philosophies, and amazing characters. Ken Levine is back and I know this is going to be a masterpiece. Sure it’s not set under the ocean but that doesn’t matter. Being able to change time and space with Elizabeth, traveling across town using hooks, and graphics more artistic than ever. Talk about video game artwork of the year! There’s no way that I can’t be excited for this. What game is going to top this? 

1.) Guild Wars 2

I’ve been waiting for this game since high school. I remember I was one of the first few people to play Guild Wars and convinced all of my friends to buy it and play with me. We struggled through the Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, and Eye of the North campaigns. However, when we heard that Arenanet were pursuing a true sequel I couldn’t have been any more psyched, as were my friends. Time passed by and no information came out. Still even entering college we dreamed of how Guild Wars 2 would consume our lives. That day is finally here and I am so excited that it’s coming out this year. Nostalgia shot this game up to #1 but it’s what it does that makes it own this spot. Guild Wars 2 has dynamic quest systems, amazing PvP, awesome character customization, artistic design, great music, phenomenal gameplay, personalized story, and the lack of tank/dps/healers. This game has so much going for it that I can go on and on and on. If you’re not a fan of an MMO then you need to get this game because it will change your mind. The fact that this game could possibly be a genre changer and possibly reinvent the stagnating MMO market has shivering from excitement. It’s time to go back to Tyria!