Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fate/Zero Blu-Ray Box 1 Review

I understand that I’m supposed to use this for my gaming related writings but I wanted to really write a review for my new gift that my awesome brother bought for me. In my mailbox yesterday I receieved the Fate/Zero Blu-Ray Box 1 and I freaking exploded from its pure awesomenss. Anyway, enough gushing, here’s the review. I will resume my gaming related stuff tomorrow.

Pictures will be added tomorrow.

Fate Zero Blu-Ray Box 1 Review/Information

            Television-aired anime pales in comparison the theatrical release. It’s odd then that Fate/Zero has the quality of a theatrical anime over 25 episodes. Fate/Zero Blu-Ray Box 1 is the first 13 episodes of the series and the remaining 12 will air in April. Until then, fans have to gush over the reruns on television or buy this extremely expensive boxset. Decking out at around $400, this thing is one expensive piece of merchandise. Only the hardcore of the hardcore is going to shell out for it.

            The box housing all of the discs and the book detailing the series is extremely well made. The cloth-like feeling is present no matter where you touch the box, even on the boxart. Speaking of the boxart, the awesome picture of the Servants in Zero makes for a wonderful cover. On the other side of the box is half of a summoning glyph that’s seen in the series. It’s carved with a silver finish and really gives it that glamorous look.

            Inside the box a hefty foldout containing the Blu-ray discs, another fold out with the soundtrack and drama CD, and lastly the material book. The foldout containing the Blu-ray discs feels really smooth. It doesn’t have that glossy rough surface and opts for the similar material that the boxset uses. On the outside of the foldout contains the Command Seals of the Masters in Zero. On the inside are the discs with one Servant on each. If you remove the disc, the foldout reveals an ancient artistic drawing of the Servant. It’s awesome and it indicates to me that they took the extra effort to make the packaging feel that much more worth it.

            Each disc has three episodes with the exception of the first disc only having one totaling 13 episodes. The quality of the episodes is amazing. The visuals are a particular standout if you have a large television as the crisp colors come to life. It’s hardly believable that the production value that went into the art of Zero is for a television series. There are English subtitles making it a very nice product. While there are some errors, typos, and the like it doesn’t ruin the experience. There also extra deleted scenes that were not included when Zero was broadcasted giving buyers that extra incentive. Overall, the entire viewing experience is pleasant and stunning.

Unfortunately, the extra videos are not subbed. It’s really odd that the package is supposed to be import friendly yet there are materials in the boxset that remain completely untranslated.

            In addition to the Blu-ray disc is the foldout including the soundtrack and drama CD. The soundtrack includes almost all the songs in the first 13 episodes of the series and is absolutely fantastic. Whether it be haunting songs or exhilarating battle anthems, the soundtrack has a good variety of mixes. It’s sad then that the drama CD is left completely in Japanese with no English translation to supplement it. Much like the extra videos, it’s disappointing.

            Lastly, the material book contains interviews with the various staff members that worked on Zero. It adds a lot of depth to the series and gives great insight on the hard work they put into making such a quality series. It details their trials and hardships as well as what they enjoyed working on. When watching with this information in mind, it gives greater appreciation for their effort into making Zero such an awesome series and show. While it’s all in Japanese, if you buy it from Rightstuf, there is a translation booklet that accompanies it. Translating almost everything with minimal errors, it’s a great supplementary tool.

            Overall, Fate/Zero Blu-ray Box 1 is amazing. However, it’s just that. If you’re looking for if the product is worth the price then this probably isn’t for you. For $400 it’s quite the price and if you’re questioning whether you’ll get the bang for your buck then you might as well not consider it. Perhaps they will release a cheaper budget set in DVD. Still the product is great and if it crossed your mind that you really want to buy it regardless of the price, go get it.

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