About Me

About me

My name is Simon Chun and I'm a freelance gamer journalist/critic. I've been writing reviews and articles for years and recently had them published at a few publications. I currently review games and write features for GameZone as well as host my weekly column Nitpick, where I nitpick about various annoyances I find in video games. Additionally, I had works published on Gameranx and a local newspaper called The Daily Texan. While I write feature articles, I am primarily concerned with critiquing video games and as a result I hope to be employed as a full-time game critic for a publication.

My first home console was a Super Nintendo that I received while I was living in South Korea. My aunt went to America as a business trip and brought it back as a surprise gift. My first game was Yoshi's Island and still remains to be one of my favorite to this day.

Currently I am studying as a Writing major at the University of Texas at Austin. I've been lucky to have professors who have helped, and still are, to perfecting my writing skills. In addition, I've had hands-on experience with a magazine editor, also a professor, and took a class on how to write for publications.

I also work at a local television station featuring a show called Videogame Hour Live. We spend an hour playing a game, reporting news, reviewing games, and just have a blast. As a result, I have experience being on camera, editing videos, conducting interviews, and maintaining a sense of professionalism in everything I do.

I had I've been known to have a very critical personality, which helps me to write great reviews, and a clever mind to help write unique feature articles. I love video games and I will continue to do so as long as I can. If you like what you see here, please follow me!

Twitter: @kayos90

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  1. I read you on neogaf talking as if you know for sure about Tales of series. You said (example) Zestiria will be announced in December. Do you KNOW it or simply do you think so?